These pages list ancient coins - if possible based on their mints or region of origin.
The content is based exclusive on my own images and data of these coins.

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The intention for this private gallery and database can not be completeness or showing the best of each type. So it can not compete with similar galleries based on expensive auction material and from multiple sources.
The gallery is supposed to show the culture, history and variety of
AFFORDABLE ancient coins in Europe and to motivate collectors to discover new areas of interest.

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The order in wich the coins are arranged follows the geographical system of the old BMC abd many ancient coin catalogues, starting in the NW of the known ancient world (Britannia, Gallia, Hispania,...), surrounding the Mediterranean Sea and ending in Africa.
If you sort the files according title ( "+" in the upper right box on each album page) you will get the sequence intended by the album owner.
Medieval to Contemporary Coin Gallery 
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